More on what Lean is..

Lean is


Creating the most value for the customer while minimizing/eliminating waste: 

  • time, 
  • human effort,
  •  injuries, 
  • inventory, 
  • capital,
  • space, 
  • defects, 
  • rework, etc.
  • energy 

A lean approach to work is about:

  • understanding what’s really going on at the gemba (the place where value is created )
  • improving the processes by which products and services are created and delivered.
  • developing and empowering people through problem solving and coaching.
  • developing leaders and an effective, evolving management system

Lean is not:


  • Just Tools: 5S, Kaizen events, value stream maps, Kanban, andon, visual management, metrics, dashboards, A3, etc.
  • Programs: efficiency, process improvement, performance management, MBO, cost reduction, 6Sigma, etc. done to value-creators by management, outsiders or internal expert staff.
  • Something that only applies to manufacturing or operations.
  • Training for certifications and belts.
  • Headcount reduction 
  • Standard work that never changes or improves

Embrace the Challenge


 Learn to create more value for each customer and prosperity for all by:

  • Show respect by developing people to continuously improve the work through problem solving
  • Focus on and continuously improve the work
  • Minimize/eliminate waste: time, human effort, injuries, inventory, capital, space, defects, rework, etc.
  • Ask what type of management behaviors and management system is needed to improve and transform the organization