Think Globally. Act Locally. Improve Daily.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Lean Gulf Institute (LGI) -Improve Daily.


We believe that lean thinking and practice can change the world for the better, through daily improvement and this belief is reflected in Who we are and What we Do. We work with people to add value and share how to make lives, organizations and our planet better through daily improvement.

Think globally.


The main idea behind the lean approach is that there is always a better way of doing things, and people are crucial to finding better ways. They do so by helping you to understand the work to be done, seethe problems, and find solutions to those problems.    

As the official online magazine of the Lean Global Network, Planet Lean brings you the best insights on lean management from around the world.  

Act Locally and Get Results!


We work together with great clients to make things better and improve daily. Many of our clients graciously share their transformational stories and thoughts on how Lean works for them. 

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New to Lean? Lean changes your view of the world- how you work, think, act and go about adding value

Lean is about embracing the challenge of creating more value for each customer and prosperity for society. How? 

  • Develop people to use problem solving to continuously improve the work.
  • Focus on continuously, improving the work.
  • Minimize/eliminate waste — time, human effort, injuries, inventory, capital, space, defects, rework, etc.
  • Ask what type of management behavior and management system is needed to improve and transform the organization.

Upcoming 2019 Lean Summit


Come learn from leading Lean thought leaders, passionate regional and international Lean practitioners  and meet newcomers just starting on their path to improvement. Our inaugural Lean Summit is sure to open your eyes and surprise you!

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