Think Globally. Act Locally. Improve Daily.

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Lean Gulf Institute (LGI)

Think globally.


 As the only recognized affiliate of the Lean Global Network serving the Gulf,  the Lean Gulf Institute along with 30+ other Lean Institutes across the globe work together to bring you the best Lean has to offer because ...There is always a better way of doing things. 

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Act Locally.


We believe lean can change the world for the better through daily improvement and this belief is reflected in Who we are and What we Do. We work with people to add value and share how to make lives, organizations and our planet better because ...There is always room for improvement.

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Improve Daily.


     Achieve World Class Results! We work together with great clients to make things better and improve daily. Many of our clients graciously share their transformational stories and thoughts on how Lean works for them. 

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